Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: Movie adventure

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Hello my friends from my corner!

Ready for another adventure? It starts with going to the day center and who would meet me at the door? Of course, we have to go up the ramp. It does get me going. I go to the wonderful art room and sit in my special chair that Bill got me. I press the button and do my art work. I eat lunch, work on more art work and head home at 2 p.m. I always plan what’s coming up because I could not go once without plans from Kadie. So, this was my plan instead I would not go to Wally World, and I would go to the movie, San Andreas, with the Rock.

At first it was at 2 p.m., but then brother Bill called and wanted to meet us there at 4 p.m.

When it came to Sunday and Andre got me to church, and I brought my photo album because I thought that at first maybe Father Haffe might like to see it. He did not get to.

So we went to the Copper City, and I was going to have pancakes, but I said to myself why not have chicken. It was only four pieces. When I had chicken before, I would always save a piece to take back to Hearthstone to eat. When it came, I took the leg first because it is always hot. It was very good. I had my hot chocolate and of course, I have not lost my way of eating. The lady said that, “you sure eat good.”

Kelly took me to the show house in Butte, and I called Bill. I told him we would meet at the show. We all met, and we all had a pop and popcorn. We found our seats, and there sure were not many people there. Bill and Eileen sat right behind us. There was a whole bunch of advertisements, and the movie was in 3D. I told them I did not want to wear the 3D glasses at the Washoe. You see I watch so many movies. The movie started, and there was a lady who fell down. She was caught, and they came to the rescue. There were many adventures. I look around behind and watch all the buildings falling. People were falling I was glad I had the pop and before the show was over I finished it and put my glass away.

Now it is about after 6 p.m. Kristy warmed up my shepherd’s pie. It was good. Bill and Eileen sat across from me, and then we went to the Rainbow Room. They gave me a lot of surprises. They were on the way out, and I said what about the photo album. I found out that Bill left it at the theatre. Kristy called the show house. Lisa said after we went to day center we would go pick it up. We did go, and we had a good time and a good lunch. We left early to pick up the photo album. Lisa went into the mall but the show house was locked. She said she would take care of it and have Kadie get it picked up. Kadie picked it up later that day. Now we are at the end of another adventure until next next time.

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