Tony’s Corner – My birthday

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Hi to all the people who read my stories.

It’s really a wonderful life and look at this my birthday July 1st.  The things I did.  I hope my friends and family will read this.  Here it is a lot has happened.

Well at first I wanted to go to Donovan’s for my birthday they had a fire.  I found out it was bad.  So I told Kadie that I will go to the Haufbrau.  I know it was all easy to get around.  So we went in and went to the back where I could see everyone and I did.

Suzan Sullivan was there, and she brought a friend.  I did not recognize but she was head cook.  Boy there was a lot of pictures taken.  I hope I can use them.  I also got a typewriter.  You see I had told everyone that I went through three typewriters.   I hope I can use this one for my writing in my book.  It is the best way and I got a lot of nice things from new family.

I had a nice piece of cake and Kadie didn’t show it to me at first.  When I saw it I said I always wanted a copy of all of them.  Oh boy!  Now we had pizza and I had two pieces and it was okay.  My brother and my mother were on my side and Eileen was on the other side.  She gave me an old box.  When I opened it up and some beautiful rocks.  Bill gave the typewriter and one of the girls gave me ten dollars.

When I was finished I watched three or more movies.  Again I went to the movie In and Out.  Of course, I got out to the Georgetown and made it up the step.  I did not go very far but I had my special seat.  Mom came and we did watch the short parade.  Then we had lunch, hot dogs and a nice salad.

Then I went out to the front porch and I had some special things that were very sweet and one that was very sweet was a brownie.  Mom and Sally and the one who brought most of the them were gone.  I watched The Lone Ranger but there was a little different. There was an Indian but no the Lone Ranger.  The Lone Ranger was good.  I told the one who came to pick me up and made it home.

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