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Tony’s Corner: My brother’s birthday


Hi there to the whole world from Tony’s Corner. There are many things to come. Of course, going to church and then the Montana Club for a big breakfast. After maybe go see the Treasure Chest place just to see it if it’s not a casino but a store like the one where the Arby’s is in Rocker.

The big thing is it will be my brother’s birthday, and it would be nice if I take one of my pictures from my book with a lot of good sayings to him. I will take the best. I would like to get him a gift certificate for Subway and Starbucks that are near each other. I would again, like to go see him in Missoula. He was born on February 6, 1942. I wish I could do more. Maybe I could give him the frames, but not the one with the grandparents. So, her we are again on Tuesday. I guess we will see what happens.

It is only 9 a.m. Oh yay! What will be, will be. Let’s let mother nature take its course after my walk. Oh boy! Yes, I did take my walk. I did do my full walks and back to my room. Of course, I am watching TV and my digital picture frame. It is wonderful. Again, I will have my lunch with my family. Then I will watch something on TV. So, I will see what I am going to have for lunch. Then I will see what Kadie and Lisa have planned for me.

Oh boy! I look down at my bed and see all the T-shirts and some of them are right near me. There is the one where I was bishop St. Patrick, which was quite a few days ago. Lisa hung my picture of Washoe Theater. Boy, I would like to go to a matinee and sit in my special seat. You know, I think I would like Kadie to take me to the show at 1 p.m. We could have pop and popcorn. The big thing is after because I would like to go and see Mom and how she is getting along. We could celebrate the day her and Dad were married, February 15th. Sometime we could have lunch or dinner together.

Again, we will let mother nature plan it for me. Thank God that his mother guided him. Like I have said before she is the one who guides me, and so again I will finish off the rest of the story. Oh boy! Maybe if I wish upon a star my dreams might come true and you will really get the rest of the story. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. See you soon in my room!

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