Tony’s Corner: My sister

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

​Oh boy what happens at Tony’s Corner.

Let’s start with my sister coming and just getting ready for her and the craft show.  I’ve been working on my turkey.  Fist I got to my art stuff where I have a cut leprechaun and it was fun doing that.  We did not do bingo because I did not go to the games.  There wasn’t many there.  We had a nice lunch.  I don’t know what we had.  We then got ready to go back to my new place to wait for my sister.

Of course, I watched TV.  Francie came and she looked at my room.  She did not stay long but she gave me some beautiful presents like an art book, a writing book, and a Doris Day movie, (which I already had).  I did mention Debbie Reynolds.

She left and I would not see her until Sunday.  I think but I was glad the weather was good and I did do the same things on Saturday.  I hope I could do all the things I could and meet some place from Anaconda and I was glad that I had a camera and that I was in my wheelchair and the first mass was very good and I had both and so we went to the restaurant and instead of what I had last week I had pigs in a blanket and that was good and we had help and so we went back and waited until mass at 3.  We made it and there was a lot of people there.

The good lady she took a lot of pictures and I hope they turn out.  I feel like it was like the bishop of Rome and did get pushed up to the front just like I do at Holy Family and did have Holy Communion and stay right there.  Then I saw my friends and looked for my family and I did and again I think I got some good pictures. I got back to my place and again get ready for Francie to go and I won’t see her again until August for Mom’s 100th birthday but not to see a movie and so I thank the good Lord.  I wish my family again would be with me and maybe I can go to Mountain View Thursday and my friend’s birthday party Friday.

It will tell you all about it next week here at Tony’s Corner.

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