Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: My sister’s visit

Well, here we are! Another year, and boy I don’t know what is going to happen at Tony’s Corner. But what did happen I found out is that my sister is going to be here. They are going to see that mom is going to be moving to a place called Horizon. It is across the street from the new AWARE apartment in Anaconda, Mont. Yes, this is Holy Family Church, but there was a little thing that could come between it. It was the weather. You see, I can’t go out until it is above zero. I did call Francie first. I told her that I like the idea because of all the things that I said that were along around the place where mom would be going. When I first saw what they were doing I could have been living there myself. Oh yes, Lisa came one day and asked what things do I want. I did want a lot of things. I hope that Lisa will be here and be able to put them all here by my hand. Then it did warm up, and again Lisa took me to the foot doctor. The girl there was surprised I was in my wheelchair because of the weather. I did not have to get out of the wheelchair, and they took off the other shoes. He did do all these things to my toes. He put on my new shoes, and now I will go home and get ready for Francie. She comes, and it felt good. So here it is Tuesday, and I will have my whirlpool bath. As I always say, it makes me feel good. Then I went to pee, and then I sat down on the throne. I did my walk, and I started my writing. Of course, I had my TV on. All of a sudden Francie came, and it was about 11  a.m. At first, she went back to my room, and she sat on the bed. She then got a chair and that was more comfortable. I started to tell her about what plans they have and then…

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