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Tony’s Corner: My Walker


And so here I go again. I hope that I write the things that happen. I get good feelings when I will be going to see my family, especially Mom. She is hard of hearing and seeing. Again, I am lucky to be alive so I can do the things I do and not have to be in a wheelchair all of the time. I use my walker. So, I will remember one of the words that I think will go with all of this. I do it like this, “Kind words do not cost much yet they accomplish much.” Because when I went to Sea’s luncheon, I did have help. First, by the girl who got me there. All I had to do is go up a ramp. I think that made me feel good. I sat down on what I call my magic seat. Amy came and said would you like to eat. She said it was Mexican and would it be alright. As I ate people started to come in. I enjoyed that. All of the people I knew were there. Of course, my family was there. I was glad I had my camera. I did let them use it. A little while later, they brought it back. Oh yes, I had a big piece of cake. Audrey went and got it for me. Boy, it was full of sugar. Again, I was glad I did not go overboard with food. We could leave at 2 p.m. It was then 1:30 p.m. I did talk to Sally and Mom. After we left the luncheon, we went to the Family Dollar Store. It was right down the road. I told her that we were going into Anaconda. I showed her the new AWARE school and what they did there. She said we are going to stop and get something to eat. Then we would go to the dollar store. We made it. I started down my ramp, and I looked to see that the doors were luckily open. I did get started in. I went down the first aisle, and she was right behind me. Boy, did I use my walker. We went down aisles. Then we got to the toy section. You know, I got some art stuff. I had just enough. Then Ashley said would you like to go through the park. I said yes. We went down by the bowling place. I said it was the coldest place even in the summer. Oh, I looked at the creek. Boy, it was fast. I also told her how I would ride my three wheeled bike. We passed by where we had a lot of picnics with my family. I told her there is a place I called the ledge.  Then we turned the corner. I said that used to be the old….. I will tell you the rest of the story next time here at Tony’s Corner.

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