Tony’s Corner: Planning

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Here I am in the middle of July and its a Tuesday, which is my writing day.  I do hope that I do the right things like I had a ride over to Anaconda.  I think it was because I did not go to the fair.

Then the next day I did not go to church.  I did have a good lunch with my family but I did as I said watch some movies just to relax me because I did not want it to come up except Art in the Park and again Kadie got it all fixed up.

Again I found out that tomorrow I was going over to Anaconda to Longfellow Finnegan Funeral Home to get that set up.  So again to relax myself I watch the Antique Road Show.  Oh boy, it was good and now I am one step to what I am going to do tomorrow.

First, I asked what time will I go to Anaconda, and she said 9:30 and we did not leave until around 10, but the one thing that I asked for my special seat that I asked for my special seat that when you sit down you are up and it goes down and the same way to get up.  I was glad that I got it because I got it on my birthday.  I called in a Harrison Ford because we were born on the same day and he was a carpenter and so we got there and we had to park across the street and Kadie got me across the street and next to the lady and boy was it changed.

It did not look like a funeral place so she asked me a lot of questions and I even picked out my cremation and of course, I won’t be around and then there will like to be buried and I said at Sunset Memorial with Orville.  I like to be with my family and she went and did something on the computer.

Oh yes, Kadie wrote a check out for five hundred dollars so we were done and I will get everything in the mail.  When we were going out it started to rain and she went and got the van.

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