Tony’s Corner: St. Patricks Day


The Butte America parade

And so from that part of my corner to the Great St. Patricks Day.  I was going in the van but I did not know what was going to happen.  So I buckled up.  First we went to Sampson to pick up one of the girls.  Then up we went to the parade route to wait for the rest of the people.  And it was nice of Kadie to pack me a lunch.  We got a special place and I found out the parade was going right by where we were at.  Of course, I did my favorite thing, watching people.  Then I started to eat because we had an hour before it would start.  It was a good lunch but I did not drink my pop because I might have to go to the bathroom.   So I got on but I did not have a belt like mine.  So we did get started.  Boy did we have problems.  I had a nice girls to help.   We made it and I did go to the bathroom.  It was five to twelve and we made it back to the parade.  It started to rain.  We did not go to the van.  I did get closer and Jim was in front.  Then Dr. Jim Casey came and one of his family was playing bag pipes.  I asked him if he was going to take pictures and maybe he could take one of me.  He did take my picture.  Then the police came and fist came the sets of bagpipes and the Hibernians came.  There wasn’t as many as there are in Anaconda, but it was good to see them.  Some girls came by and they did all these tricks.  Then of course, the house came.  It was nice.  It think because of the rain the Hoochiekoo got a blanket around her and then the parade was over.  I think Teri gave me some raisins.  I told her I like them better than chocolate.  I did enjoy it and we rode back to the place I called the…..I forget that I asked Mr. Knute to take my picture and he did.

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