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Author. Painter. Historian. Critic. Grocer. Movie fan. Theater attendant. Friend. Traveler.

The history of Tony Shea’s life can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of his Oak Street apartment in Anaconda, Mont.Up on the fifth floor of a sturdy brick building,

Tony Shea

Tony Shea

Shea has three comfortable rooms jammed, crammed and stuffed with ceramic collections, photographs of family members and mementos from trips across the country and to Ireland.But the most striking thing about Shea’s apartment is the movies. There are thousands of them, stacked in piles and sorted on shelves.

“I don’t even know how many I have,” Shea said. “There’s too many to count.”

Shea is well known in his home town, and not just because he’s the town’s most famous movie buff. Shea is an Iris man recognizable to almost everyone in this largely Irish town.

If you’ve lived here, you’ve probably met Tony — either at a show at the Washoe Theatre or from his days working at local markets. Or maybe you checked out one of the books he wrote from the library.

So begins the story Apostrophe published about Tony Shea in 2009.

Tony is still writing today. This is the first installment of Tony’s Corner, which will become a regular Apostrophe web feature.

My Adventures at the Hospital

My good people who help me I am lucky to be with you and everything so I will tell you a story about my adventures getting here. My ladies, all of them, try to take care of me and last week, I was walking to the door and my knees buckled. I luckily had Amanda and Jena helping me and a lot of the people who live at Hearthstone helped me also.

Jena called the ambulance and the hospital put me in a bed, did tests, and x-rays. What my main point is that I’m very lucky to be in AWARE Inc. services and that I hope once I leave the hospital I can continue to participate in birthday club, going on picnics, and going to the movies.

While in the hospital, a lady named Suzanne asked him if he wanted to go down and crush cans at physical therapy This reminded me of my friend David Venturelli whose birthday is this month. The hospital is going to make me healthy enough once again to participate in activities with my friends like David Venturelli.

Megan and Daryl are some of the best physical therapists that are trying to get me out of here. The best thing here at the hospital is the Island Tub. I am able to get raised up into the tub that has a whirlpool and nice ladies who help me wash up.

Twice I’ve had a man named Peter “St. Peter” that was kind enough to give me my medicine as well as helping me bathe. Overall my stay at the hospital has been filled with kind people. I thank god that my ladies got me to the hospital both times.

Every time I get through something I call it climbing the mountain.

As Porky the Pig would say, “the, the, that’s all folks!”

Tony Shea

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