Tony Shea

Tony’s Corner: Thanksgiving

Hi there and here we go on to what happened on Thanksgiving Day.

I did not know who was going to take me out to Georgetown Lake. Then I got my first surprise of the day. It was Knute, the head person at AWARE. So, we got ready with my walker and my wheelchair. Boy, the snow was bad, and it was cold out. We made it though. I felt safe.

We got there and Bob, Craig and Mark were there to help me with my walker and get me up the stairs. I pushed myself up. I used the rest room. Then I sat  down and looked at my watch. I think it was 11:30 a.m. I asked Bob what time we would eat and he said at 1 p.m. So, they had one of the football games on. I felt good. Oh boy!

I had thought I saw Amy coming. I figured Mom would be with her. She was. All of a sudden, there she was coming up the stairs from the basement. I could have fallen out of my chair, I was so surprised.

We all sat down out on the porch. Seeing what they did to that part of the house was great. Bob brought a chair out for me to eat with Mom. That is when I found out that Mom had an abscessed tooth. She did well eating though. I even had a glass of egg nog with Sally.

Then we went and watched another football game. I looked at my watch again, and it was well after 2 p.m. I said I would be gone by 5 p.m.  I looked down and saw that Sally was working on a purse. I then watched Walker Texas Ranger with the girls before they started to leave.

They got Mom ready. I looked at my watched a third time. This time it was after 3 p.m. Knute came after, and I got down the steps and into the van. I said good bye to everyone who was still there. It was getting dark already but looking at Georgetown Lake with the mountains was beautiful. The lights of Anaconda were great to see too. I hope I get to go back over for Christmas.

As we drove home, I saw My Sleeping Rabbit and The Twilight Zone. Soon we saw the lights of Butte.

When we got home I was a little hungry and had a glass of milk and my raisins. I watched some television. I played what I call Russian Roulette with what was on TV. Then they helped me get ready for bed. There have been a lot of times that I watched really good shows on the special channel. I watch The Virginian and The Carol Burnett Show. Then came Sunday. I did go to church. Afterward, I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and boy it was good. I had a root beer. While I was eating I watched the cars pass by. We went to the Butte Plaza Mall next. There, we went to see The Good Dinosaur after an hour. While waiting, we looked at cards. There sure were a lot of them.

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