Tony’s Corner: The saying

Good morning here I am at Tony’s Corner.  That saying that is on my wall that reads.  “Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen.”  On Sunday it went well and church and the priest wore read and that means courage.  Then I went to the Copper City.  I was glad that I had Harvey.  Boy did I have to very big pancakes with whipped cream and in the middle was the sweetest apple.  The girl I was with I sadi do you think you can eat it all and I did and her I go to Wally World and try to find a parking place.  We did and we went in the pharmacy entrance so we could see Happy but she was not at her spot but we found her and it was good to see her.  Then we went right to the restroom but we had to wait.  You know it would be nice if you would come and see my place.  Now, I went to look at the movies and some of them were not very good but I found the Paddington Bear movie and Legends of the Guardian, which is owls.  That was the one I missed while I was in the hospital.  Since tomorrow would be Memorial Day I also bought The Men Who Built America.  Then I saw a movie that I thought Joe would like to watch with the blondes.  There before me was Dolly Parton and her boyfriend in the Best LIttle Whorehouse in Texas.  You know that the place was called the Chicken Farm.  I thought I was done but I saw some T-shifts with flags.  I was going to buy two until I spotted some flags I thought that I could put one in front of the house by the ramp and the other on the back porch by the basketball hoop.  So, we go to the house and I still have two dollars.  I was going to Day Center and I would wear my new shirt but I found out that because it was a holiday I did not go.  I started to watch The Men Who Made America.  They did get rich.  Of course, I fell asleep but again I was going to watch it but Lisa came and fixed up my movies and she left.  I think I decided to watch a baseball game until they came and we had a big hamburger.  It was a great meal so far.  Of course, I watched Antique Road Shoe.  Since it was on the right station and just beginning, I mean was nine and I went and found another baseball game that was just beginning around 9 o’clock.  I got ready for my bed.  I went to bed and watched my babysitter.  The next day I got ready and began writing, this is the rest of the story.  I hope things go alright.

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