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The history of Tony Shea’s life can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of his Oak Street apartment in Anaconda, Mont., on the fifth floor of a sturdy brick building,

Tony Shea

Shea has three comfortable rooms jammed, crammed and stuffed with ceramic collections, photographs of family members and mementos from trips across the country and to Ireland. But the most striking thing about Shea’s apartment is the movies. There are thousands of them, stacked in piles and sorted on shelves.

“I don’t even know how many I have,” Shea said. “There’s too many to count.”

Shea is well known in his home town, and not just because he’s the town’s most famous movie buff. Shea is an Irish man recognizable to almost everyone in this largely Irish town.

If you’ve lived here, you’ve probably met Tony — either at a show at the Washoe Theatre or from his days working at local markets. Or maybe you checked out one of the books he wrote from the library.

So begins the story Apostrophe published about Tony Shea in 2009. 

Tony is still writing today from his home in Butte. This is the tenth installment of Tony’s Corner, a regular Apostrophe web feature.


Hi there again, from the real me, Anthony Emmett Paul Shea from Tony’s Corner with some of my adventures.

I still have not gotten out from my big times and it’s Sunday. Of course, I had my TV on and I was getting ready to watch three really good movies: Forbidden Planet, Inherit the Wind, and I forget what the third one was.

Kelly came into my room and said, “Would you like to go to a movie out at the Plaza?” Kelly told me that there was a movie called Paddington, which is about a bear and how his adventures started.

So my adventure this week starts by going down the big hill. As I have said before it’s like going down to a Coliseum but boy it sure was nice. It wasn’t busy at the mall out in front but we went out to the back.  There was more out and we did get a good spot to park.

Of course, I was in my wheelchair and off we went. 

Kelly and I went into the show house. I saw what was on and oh boy, there wasn’t anything very good playing besides Paddington yet. There is a magic show coming soon. Well, Kelly got our tickets and we went in and down the long hall. We saw the older lady and they were going to the same place and I thought the show was starting but there was a whole bunch of ads.

I thought the show was going to be animated but it wasn’t. It started in black and white. He found these big bears, there was a small one and he was on a big tree limb and something happened. Then he threw his hat on and took a bath and something else happened. Then the grown bear told the little bear he was going to London. So he took the hat and many adventures and so will you.

‘Til we meet again at Tony’s Corner, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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