Tony Shea, author of Tony's Corner.

Tony’s Corner: Zoolander


You know that I did another thing with Andre. We went to another movie. It was called Zoolander 2. It was very crazy. The best part was the popcorn. Andre did a good job for us. Then I would get ready for my next adventure. Well as always, I go to church at 11 a.m. Then we went to The Staggering Ox in Butte for lunch. You know that from the front it doesn’t look like much. When Tasha had to go backward to get me through the door. Then I thought we were going to have a little problem, but we went up this white ramp. She asked,”Is that table alright?” It was. Then we got the menu and most of the food sounded good. I saw a sandwich that sounded good. The waitress came, and I asked if I could have my sandwich cut in half. Boy it was good with pickles and cheese. It took a while for me to eat. I also had some water just to clean my hands. It was one o’clock, but it wasn’t very far from the theater, but I always like to be early. So we went through one door where there was a lot of stairs. They told us to go down the street, and we could get in there. We went on in and there was a entry room and a restroom. I had asked where it was. Then the curtains opened up. We had a little trouble getting in. So there was the kids all in costumes. We went all the way to the back. At that time there was only one person sitting with a little girl. Tasha went to move the van to a better parking space and grabbed me a treat. It was a brownie. She put it in two pieces. Boy, it was good! The lights went out. I guess the head director came out. They did not have microphones, and I did not have my hearing aid in. I went to take out my glasses, but they were not there.We see everyone and the king and queen. The queen was holding a baby and the good witch came. They gave her some good things. One did not get to say her wish because the bad witch came. They all sang songs, even the trolls. A couple times they came up the aisle. There wasn’t much room but all of a sudden she pricked her finger and fell asleep. All of a sudden the prince came. he kissed her and she woke up. They did a dance. Then all of the cast came out and bowed. Since we were at the back, just like at the Missoula Children’s Theater, they were taking pictures and getting flowers. One of the ladies who helped us in the beginning got us out. I said goodbye to the people and some of the kids. I did enjoy seeing Sleeping Beauty that way. Again, I was glad the weather was good, I hope my next adventure would be good in my corner (Tony’s Corner). God bless them all!

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