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Tony’s Corner: Special Olympics


Well here we go again. This time I will start at the two places I went to make sure that I can go to the lunch sometime in May. It’s all to do with graduation. I did get ready for going to day service. All of a sudden they said that I was going to the summer Special Olympics. I would take my walker, and so I went down my first ramp. There sure was a lot of going on. We got to where my family was. I had my special seat. I had a little problem, but I made it. Boy, did I see a lot of my friends. I asked when we would eat lunch. I think she went down to check. All of a sudden the little girl, Christine, got sick. That was when they decided that we would go back to day service. I had two pieces of pizza. I did enjoy them both. I still had some time left, and I was glad I had my art stuff. That was good. I knew that usually on Thursday my brother would come but not this week. Instead, I chose to watch some more episodes of MacGyver. I did do all of my walks. Of course, they told me that I would go someplace different than Mountain View on Friday. This time I went with my new boss. We went way out to a different bowling alley. We did park. I think I started my first mile because there was the door, and it looked to be far away. Then someone opened the door for us. I asked where we were going to eat. I was glad that I had my magic seat. I had some trouble, and I had finally sat down. Instead of pizza, I had a good sandwich and some other good things. She did something else with the food that I should steer clear of. She threw it into the garbage. Then my girls came, and they gave me a hug. I almost fell. We were about to go when I looked down and said let’s go down at all of the tables. Boy, we sure did. I think I almost filled the bags up. Of course, there was candy at every table. We did have fun. Then we made it close to the door. Kara went and got the van. Instead of going to see Mom on Mother’s Day I went to see the MayFair. Just to be on the safe side I was in my wheelchair. Boy, there was a lot of things I would have liked to buy. Most of them cost more than I had with me. One person gave me a bowl. I thought that she bought it. She said no. So, as I said, there was a lot of health stuff and some very interesting toys. One of them looked like a spaceship. Some kids were playing with it and some of my new friends. I was told I was  three dollars short. We did finish, and I said, “Why don’t we go to the other place?” She said it was 2o’clock, and you can do the walk. Of course, it was Sunday. I am glad that I did go to church. I had some of my new friends with me. Now I did go to day service. I did get my art, and we were all there. I was waiting for the mail. I was told that it wouldn’t be here until after 3 o’clock. I would not fall asleep for the entire show. Really, I tried to get what I did. You know: “Kind words do not cost much yet they accomplish much.” When we went to day service, I started my art work, and it was 12:30 p.m. We left and finished MacGyver. He had a son and boy, did they have an adventure. I will start my next adventure at my corner and the rest of the story. Oh boy!

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