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Vote for your voice to be heard

Apostrophe has heard from some of its contributors who gave really excellent reasons why everyone should vote. To have your voice heard, it’s important to get out there. Reports say that people with disabilities make up a high percentage of the electorate in this 2016 election year. So wanted you to hear straight from people who support you.

Here’s raising your voice by practicing your right to vote!

“Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.” – Justin Dart

We have the power to make a difference

“I think all people with intellectual disabilities who are of age should vote in the election. We all have the power to help make a difference, and it is a chance for our voices to be heard. I strongly encourage everyone to vote whether it’s by mail or at your local polling place. Get out there and be a part of helping to change the world.” ~Stephanie Hammond, Self-Advocate

Each vote counts

“Voting gives you a voice, and each vote does count. It’s important because whoever gets into office will be your voice and listen to your needs as a person.” ~Kurt Rutzen, Self-Advocate

It’s your responsibility

“Voting is a great equalizer, everyone’s vote counts the same. You have as much power as everyone else does. And it is not only your right, but your responsibility to do it.”  ~ Susan Fitzmaurice, Advocate

I get my own vote

“I vote, do you? I vote because I want to vote for president who help me, not hurt me. I get my own vote. My mom get to vote. We two people, get two votes. My voice important. Go vote. You need to vote.” ~ Teddy Fitzmaurice, Self-Advocate

Shape the future of our country

“Voting is a fundamental form of expression that helps shape the future of our country. It’s incredibly important that people with disabilities vote.” ~Peter Burns, The Arc CEO

Living in a free, democratic country

“Voting is one of the most important things we can do as Americans. I look at it as the one thing I have a responsibility to do every year in return for living in a free, democratic country. It can be pretty overwhelming, especially with all the TV commercials, Facebook posts, and even your family and neighbors trying to convince you that one certain person is the only way to go.

“But don’t let that get to you – yes, you have to do a little homework and find out which candidate, whether it’s a presidential nominee or someone running for state senate, will work the hardest for you and your needs. But once you’ve studied and made your choice, then it’s your choice and no one can or should take that away from you. Voting is a big responsibility and something we all should take seriously–there are many countries in the world that don’t allow this kind of process and many people fought and died for us to have the right to vote in the US.

“And even though it might not seem like one individual vote matters in the very big pond that is the United States, it really, really does. Your voice, no matter how loud or soft or high or deep, matters. A lot. Take pride in what you have to say, because it is important and needs to be part of the American conversation.” ~Sue Hoss, Look, Cook and Eat

True expression of personal commitment

“Voting shapes our nation and is a true expression of a personal commitment to ourselves, one another and this great country. This constitutional right should never, even unintentionally, exclude the voices of the nearly 57 million Americans with disabilities. Many of our polling centers in America are temporary in design and several of them are not fully accessible, but they can be. Our center is always available to assist, at no cost, with questions about making polling stations accessible.” ~Josh Steinfeld, Rocky Mountain ADA

Did you vote?

We made a social media ‘I Voted’ sticker for you to share on your Facebook or Twitter account. All you have to do is save the sticker to your device and then share it. Write, ‘I Voted’ in your message and tag us with #Apostrophe. After you’ve shared your sticker, be sure to leave us a comment below and tell the Apostrophe community why you think it’s important to vote. We’ll meet you there!I Voted

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