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Worth Watching: I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care — A mother-to-be faces the high possibility of having a child with Down syndrome and befriends a family who share their experiences and guide her toward a different perspective.

Ollie, a young mother-to-be, faces the possibility of having a child with Down syndrome. She takes on a gardening job and develops a friendship with a family, which includes 12-year-old Jacques who has Down syndrome. An incident where Ollie is left alone with Jacques, challenges her ability to deal with her situation. 14 min. / narrative 2013 / UK. Click here to watch a preview.

Also in Apostrophe…

EmbraceableEmbraceable — You think you know the meaning of kindness, charisma, musical passion and joy until you meet Ben Monkaba and others like him with a rare genetic condition called Williams Syndrome.

Despite medical hardships and intellectual challenges, people with Williams embrace life, and everyone around them, with unconditional love and acceptance.

Embraceable celebrates this beautiful variation of life through candid interviews, unforgettable social encounters, amazing musical performances, and dramatic portrait photography. Running commentaries by top scientific experts bring to light how this rare genetic abnormality can teach us a great deal about ourselves. 50 min. / documentary 2011 / USA.

Harald TogramHarald Togram —  Harry is a 25 year old who has Aspergers syndrome and signs of muscular dystrophy. His lifestyle has not been forced upon him. Quite in contrast, he has even chosen it. Paw Gissel and Thomas Emil Sørensen won the Visual Kravling Prize for their documentary Harald Togram. In Danish with English subtitles. 6 min. / documentary 2013 / Denmark.

All three films are available at sproutflix.org.

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