ApostropheMagazine.com is looking for writers. Please email editor@apostrophemagazine.com for more information.

Would you like to write a story for Apostrophe?

Thanks for asking to write a story for Apostrophe. We’re excited you want to be part of our online magazine! Below find guidelines to help you submit the perfect story.

Apostrophe audience and story topics

Please keep Apostrophe’s audience in mind when writing your story. Our audience includes

  • people with intellectual or developmental disabilities,
  • their families or caregivers and
  • people who work in human services.

Apostrophe posts stories to its website that educate, entertain and inspire. Your story may include topics that tell about

  • people living with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or any other intellectual or developmental disability;
  • access, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), education, finances, parenting, R-word or People First;
  • home and garden tips, health and wellness tips, recipes, books, fashion photos, movies, art, sports, entrepreneurs, etc.; and
  • your life experiences.

Email editor@apostrophemagazine.com to visit with use about your ideas.

Note: Stories directly promoting a business or product will be refused. Please ask about our media kit for more details about advertising.

Story requirements

Please review your work to make sure it contains

  • about 500 – 700 words typed in an electronic format;
  • proper use of the People First Language;
  • correct spelling and grammar; and
  • copy that is easy to read.

Easy-to-read copy should include

Apostrophe will review your story to make sure it follows these guidelines. We will work with you if any major changes need to be made.

Please submit your completed story to editor@apostrophemagazine.com. We will respond once we’ve had a chance to review.

Photo requirements

Apostrophe readers love to look at photos! If you have them, please send them. We will use the photos if

  • the subject in the photo is clear, not too dark or too light;
  • the photo is high resolution with no pixelation; and
  • permission is received to use the photo.

We’d like to give proper photo credit:

  • Please send the name of the person/people in the photo.
  • Please send the name of the photographer.

Send your story and photos to editor@apostrophemagazine.com.
If you’d like to visit over the phone, please call (406) 563.8117 x 1054.

P.S. Let your creativity flow!

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